Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can.

Please feel free to contact us with your requested changes and we will gladly assist you in your order. Do note that these changes to your existing order are subject to stock availability.

Yes you can.

Please notify us at least 72 hours prior to the delivery/collection date by contacting us with your order number at [email protected] or by calling us during our operating hours.

Do note that these changes are subject to stock availability and delivery lead time. Additional charges may apply according to the differences in cost for the change of items.

Yes, all our products comes with a one year warranty. If there's any issue you can call us or head down to our showroom and we'll rectify the issue for you!
Yes, it is possible to switch over to LED. All you have to do is get a LED module / tube, remove the ballast and starter in your current light fixture, and install the new LED module / tube and you're good to go!

Not to worry! You can email any inquiry you have to [email protected]

 Our dedicated team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

Yes. We do provide delivery.

For orders above $400 - Free Delivery (Not applicable to Jurong Island & Sentosa)

Below $400 - Delivery Charge $35 Per Trip Applies

We do have a physical showroom but hey, that's how we pass on our savings on overheads (e.g. commissions for pesky salespeople, showroom rental etc) on to you in the form of lower prices! We have instead included everything you need online: photos from multiple angles, videos, user reviews, firmness ratings etc, where you can shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! You can even speak to our customer service team on our Live Chat at the bottom right corner of your screen should you require any assistance during office hours. Happy shopping!

Yes. We do provide installation, however the installation will be charged separately.

There are currently two ways to go about doing it.

You can either head down to our showroom to pick up the items and our installation team will meet you at the scheduled time and place. Alternatively you can opt for our installation team to pick up the items for you and bring it to your place. Do note that there will be an additional delivery charge of 35 dollars on top of the installation fee.

The installation fees are as follows.


Ceiling Fan

Concrete Ceiling

Not More Than 3M In Height with existing lighting point - $65 (including 1 year on site warranty)



Concrete Ceiling

Chandelier - $80

Pendant Lamp - $50

For First Lighting - $45

Subsequent Lighting - $10

*There will be extra charges for re-wiring & dismantling of existing fixture/lighting

Unfortunately, we only provide delivery in Singapore. However, you can make arrangements with your freight provider first before placing your order with us. Your freight forwarding provider may then collect your order from our showroom when your order is ready for collection.

Do note that warranties for our products is only valid within Singapore, we will not be responsible for any damages shipped out of Singapore.

You can generate a simple quotation through our website at your convenience. For large or complicated orders, feel free to contact us at 6254 0625 or email us at [email protected] to allow us to help you.

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